Do I have to work with my insurance directly?

We will do everything possible to take the headache that the insurance co may cause. From making sure all damage is properly assessed, to invoice the insurance for the recoverable depreciation, we are here to help.

Will my insurance premium go up if I make a claim after a storm?

Hail and Wind claims are what’s called an act of nature. For this reason, the policy owner is not in any way at fault, therefore cannot be penalized for filing a claim.

What happens to my old roof or other debris?

Material is disposed of directly to a dump trailer and hauled off as soon as the work is completed. There isn’t any dumpster that will be an eyesore for weeks on end.

Will the process be loud?

There will be various levels of noise through the duration of your project. If you, other family members or even pets have a sensitivity to loud noises, we recommend spending some time away from your house while the job is in progress.

What if it rains/storms while you are installing my new roof?

The roof will be installed in sections, and the exposed decking will only vulnerable for a short period of time before the synthetic underlayment secures the roof.

What happens if you find something else that needs to be fixed after you have started my job? Will I need to pay out of pocket?

In the rare occurrence that there is latent damage after the roof comes off, we always include 2 sheets of decking for free. It the damage is more extensive, we will try to get insurance to cover the costs.

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